I’m very sad that the end of this course has finally come, but I am very grateful for what I’ve learned and all the advice I’ve gotten on my story. I really enjoyed the exercises and stories we were assigned, I’d recommend it to anyone. Thank you again for all the help!   Fabiola Mejia

I recently completed your 5 week course on short story writing, finishing in December. This week, the story I was working on with you, ‘In the Beginning I’, was accepted by Thank you for your advice and guidance.        Neil Greybanks

I found the course really enlightening in regards to stepping up a notch with writing stories seriously. The resources have been invaluable, as has the feedback and contact with the other members of the group.   Jayne Sanders

Writing can be a solitary experience and I’d got stuck. This course offers a framework which enabled me to produce a story which I’ll submit to journals, and I’m proud of it. It also provided objective intelligent feedback – essential. As a bonus, your work can be posted on a forum to be discussed with other students. Well worth it.   Margaret Hatjoullis

The five-week masterclass is undeniably one of the best courses I have taken to harness my skill and discipline in writing, as well as gain greater insight in the art of the short story.  I was able to produce two stories during the five week course, with quality feedback from the editors.   Marcelle Mateki Akita

The most valuable part are the detailed critiques. I’m learning a lot from the points made on my submissions – and I’m being challenged. I’ve met other writers through courses but if you’re all roughly at the same same level, critiques tend to be limited. I’ve also paid for assessments of my writing and been disappointed at the general approach. The critiques you offer are more like close readings and are enormously helpful.    Soraya Cerio (whose piece written on the course was longlisted for a short story prize)

Exceptional value for money. The editorial feedback has been invaluable, and a story I started on the course has just been accepted for publication.    Peter

Thanks to your comments, suggestions and encouragement. I really got into it and am delighted with how it’s turned out – different from anything I’ve written before and I’ve written a lot over the last few years. I intend to come back to the exercises from time to time, when I need a bit of a shake-up again.     Colin Watts

I have been writing short stories for many years, with a certain amount of success – a few competition wins/placings;  a couple of publications.  But I have never actually studied the form, and that was my reason for undertaking this masterclass.  As such, I was very pleased with the content, feeling it satisfied my needs.    Diana Powell

Stimulating and awe-inspiring. The opportunity to submit work and receive feedback has helped to embed the learning from the course. I also really appreciated the advice on seeking publication in Week 5 which completed the arc of the course for me. .                                                                                                                                                                                    Susie Campbell

I started to see how powerful the story could be and the course really pushed me as a writer.    Helen

Good value for money — great to get feedback and just great to be writing for an audience.    Meave Haughey

A treasure chest of inspiration and motivation. Challenging and constructive, my writing has benefited enormously from this course.    Katie Davis

The course really opened my eyes to the subtleties and scope of the short story form.    Lev Parikian

It was a pleasure to take part in the course. The well structured and professionally presented materials provided an enlightening challenge. It was accessible to both the novice and experienced writer of any genre. I appreciated being able to work through at my own pace. Pointers to a variety of original short stories, providing excellent models of success, that I wouldn’t otherwise have read, were invaluable. I was able to appreciate first hand the progress of other writers and critique their work, which in turn helped me to look at my own work more objectively. I also enjoyed other people’s evaluations of my own writing. I thought it represented excellent value for money and I appreciate the work that was put in to organising it. Thank you.    Anna Cardus

The course was exactly what I needed to rekindle my appetite for creative writing. Well-structured, clearly presented and most importantly nurturing, I am now writing short stories with more focus than ever before.    Chris Stanley

The content and demands of this course have shown how the quality of successful short stories is much higher than I’d realised. The feedback from tutor and students clearly showed up areas of weakness as well as being encouraging. Exercises were easy to understand, too. I now have a story which, with a little more work, will be entered for competitions, as well as a shorter story for which I have hopes.    Jacqueline Pye